How to Join a Non-League Football Team

Like in pretty much any other career, if your dream job is to become a professional football player, you have to start as early as possible, practice regularly and join an amateur team as young as possible.  However, if you didn’t follow this recipe from an early age, there is still a type of football suitable for you, regardless of your age, ability or fitness level.

So all you have to do to enjoy it is get your boots on and get your foot on the ball, even if only for some kicks with your friends. Even those who don’t fancy getting muddy can enjoy the beauty of football from the comfort of their couch by placing bets and watching their heroes play. For this type of fans, there are hundreds of betting sites online and even promotional offers if they are only now starting their gambling game. William Hill, for instance, has a fantastic bonus for new comers, so go check out how to get the William Hill promo code.

It’s a known fact that in England, there are leagues galore. But while some are recruited by professional clubs from as early as school age, others have to start from scratch with some small regional club. But many may have the skills and attitude required to succeed, but when they want to up their game, they lack the connections. So if you were wondering how you can join a non-league football team, here is the answer.

The most common way football players get trials is through scouts. If you play for a team who has success and gets to the finals of a competition or participates in an important tournament, chances are scouts will be there looking for fresh talent.

There are also football trial days and camps organised by specialized companies like FootballCV where you get to play at a venue in exchange for a certain sum of money. Scouts or agents will be watching you.

Additionally, from time to time, non-league football clubs organise trials open to players in all positions or just the positions they need at a particular point in time, with the aim to expand their squads and potentially sign new talent.

Semi-professional clubs with ambitions to progress up the football pyramid are always looking for new faces to boost their chances in national competitions, so all you have to do is get in touch with the regional club you would like to join. If your profile piques their interest, you will most likely be invited to a trial.

Don’t forget, though, that the most important thing of all is to be ready to make a commitment and  put in the work to get noticed.