Favorite Pastimes of Football Fans that Might Surprise You

Have you ever wondered what it was that made the football fans tick? What is it that they like to do in their free time, besides watching the game and rooting for their team? Surely, there must be more to their life than just working and football.

Well, some of the football fans are family people. Others prefer to go out and party. There are those that have already used up their Harrah’s Casino promotion code on either poker or blackjack, since they enjoy games they can influence as well, and there is no point in wasting casino bonuses. Whoops, I almost forgot – there are football fans who make their favorite game more interesting and lucrative. Here are some of the favorite pastimes of football fans.


This is hardly news, but the list can’t even begin without it – football fans love betting on games of chance or on sports. Many of them visit online casinos when they get a chance, and others already have a system for the next season that is foolproof.

The reason this hobby is so appealing is the similarity in excitement between playing poker and placing a bet with that produced by the uncertainty of an outcome of a game. Some fans believe that this enhances their experience, making sport event more interesting.

Video Games

Finally, video games are no longer reserved for nerds and introverts – with great titles coming out every year on Steam, PS4, and Xbox, it isn’t such a big surprise to see why football enthusiasts might partake in this hobby. Games about football already have numerous sequels.

This isn’t to say that people only play Madden and NFL games. Football fans tend to be competitive, and have a sense of community. It isn’t all that uncommon for them to play first person shooters, or MOBA games. In any case, it is a good, clean, fun, where people can satisfy their cravings for adrenaline, at least until the next championship.


Where do you and your friends gather when there is a big game on? Bars! Bars are awesome, since they provide you with alcohol. Add that to the joy of winning, the competitive spirit, and the camaraderie of your fellow enthusiasts, and you have a joyous group of individuals on your hands.

Actually, bars are packed during the more important championships, and local team games. It is a way to show support and togetherness. Bars are also a great place to meet other fans, and invite them into your group.

Karaoke (And Singing In General)

So, remember, how we’ve mentioned that football fans frequent bars? That place that serves alcohol? And its patrons are often people who have no problem painting the faces and shouting? Well some of those places have karaoke machines.

As ridiculous as it may seem, fans often step up to the mike to express their feelings of awesome through a song. Every fan club has their own club song, and every football team has one as well. Keep your ears peeled next time your team wins.